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Lizardville the Ghost Story

Steve Altier, Children’s book author

The world outside sounds menacing as loud thunderous cracks rained down on the home. In the middle of this fierce raging storm with no electricity, siblings Zack and Daniel turn to their father, John Malone. Feeling the boys are now old enough to learn the truth about his childhood, John decides to share a family secret that he’s kept locked away, a secret that changed John’s life forever.   

In a small Pennsylvania town called Lizardville, a young boy named Johnny and his friends set out on a weekend camping trip along the banks of Big Fishing Creek. On the first night, as the boys gather around the campfire, Parker shares a story that happened nearly eighty years ago, the legend of the Ax Factory murders. 

Soon after, strange, mysterious things begin to happen. Little do the boys realize they have awakened the spirit world! Jimmy, unable to sleep, comes face to face with a ghost named Annabelle. She is searching for something and knows the boys are hiding what she seeks. Could the secret lie in an old puzzle box? As this spine tingling, edge of your seat adventure unfolds, one question remains: Will they survive the weekend?

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Blast Off With Gabby and Maddox

Steve Altier, Children’s book author

The Gabby and Maddox adventure series continues in this new chapter book when our siblings join the Children’s Astronaut Program while visiting their grandparents in Florida.

Shortly after liftoff on a routine trip to the Space Station, something goes horribly wrong. Siblings Gabby and Maddox find themselves drifting deep into outer space on a ship with no power. Meanwhile Lieutenant Lenny and his staff at Space Command do all they can to aid the siblings.

Lost and helpless in outer space, Gabby and Maddox are rescued by a purple alien named Spark from the planet Ubatuba. Shortly after their arrival on the alien planet, the children are asked to help solve a mystery that baffles the Ubatubans.

Gabby and Maddox quickly learn not everything is what it appears. Will Gabby and Maddox be able to solve the mystery? Will Spark be able to help the children get back home? Australian friends Bindi and Cody are launched on a rescue mission to save now brings you the first book in the Gabby and Maddox adventure series in this book their young American friends, but will they make it in time?

Join Gabby and Maddox on this new, wild, space adventure.

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Gabby and Maddox Adventures In Italy

Steve Altier, Children’s book author

Italy cover

Travel back in time with the siblings to the days of ancient Rome.Enjoy the Roman Chariot races; visit the Coliseum where great classic gladiator battles were fought. See the fine paintings of Michael Angelo
at the Sistine Chapel.

The journey also includes stops in Pisa where they visit The Leaning Tower of Pisa and a final stop in Venice the city entirely built on the water! And much, much more.

Also includes lots of fun facts about Italy, an “Anti-Bully,” and “Good Sportsmanship” messages.

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We Can’t Move At Christmas

Steve Altier, Children’s book author

We Can't Move at Christmas - Book Cover

Siblings, Gabby and Maddox, are going to be ready for Christmas early this year by sending their letter to Santa.

However, Father tells the children they must move out of state before Christmas. The children become worried that Santa won’t be able to find them to deliver their presents. Father tries to reassure the children be telling them about Santa’s Family Moving Department, otherwise known as the FMD; Santa’s elite team of elves that track good boys and girls moving during the Christmas season.

Follow Gabby and Maddox as they move from Florida to Ohio. See them experience snow for the first time, and then enlist the help of a mall Santa to get the word to the North Pole of their move.

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Lizardville Book 2

More Ghostly adventure's coming in 2018. When Lizardville book 2 continues.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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